Drawing Prompts From Friends: Cactus and Burger
Hello, Loves and Lovelies!

I desperately need practice drawing with my pen monitor and Wacom tablets! It's been a long time since I've used them for actual drawing, so I decided to start something new that will help me get back into the swing of it! So, I present: Drawing Prompts From Friends! It's not the most graceful of titles (or graceful of drawings), but it sure gets the point across! Hahaha! 

Here's a little drawing I did from a prompt my friend Sara gave me. Her prompt simply was: Cactus and Burger. SO, that's what I drew! Hahahahaha! I hope you'll enjoy as I get my digital drawing skills up to par! I am a wiz with using Illustrator for projects, but I don't really draw in Photoshop, Corel Painter or Autodesk Sketchbook very much.

Here's to expanding and getting better at skills!

Bekki Ann 

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