Drawing Prompts From Friends: (Dirty) Sock
Hello, Loves and Lovelies!

My Drawing Prompts From Friends for Tuesday! This DPFF comes from my friend Alison! She told me to make a sock and I decided to make a dirty one! I was working on a different one, but a cold has made my brain mush. I decided to just switch to something super easy. I am determined to get a couple of these out a week on a good schedule, so I pushed myself to stay up.   I haven't felt up to making anything the last couple days. PLUS, my power was out for a good portion of the evening, so I couldn't use my computer. Nevertheless,  I decided I had to bust  a drawing out before I fell asleep, which I really should have done hours ago. This one I made extra quickly! It felt good to get something out of me, even though I'm pretty exhausted. I had been working on another one, but found myself unable to get my brain to work, making me take way longer on it than I wanted. So, I decided to just make something super quick and easy. I hope Ali likes it!

I hope everyone's Wednesday goes very well! I'm finally off to bed!

Bekki Ann