Drawing Semi-Wavy Hair 'Ama Style'
I thought I would ring in this post with the last Bad Cat Sketchclub challenge for hair. It's kind of hard to explain this so bare with me! 

This is a picture heavy post so I may not spend every picture describing whats going on, since its a repeating pattern. 

Hope this helps!

So grab your pencils and sketchbooks and lets get started!

Starting with a basic circle for the face. I usually start with sketching bangs!

Using fine flicks, I make my way across the face to the parts of hair that frame the face.

I normally create heavy chunks of hair before filling them in. 

When I get a general shape of what the overall shape of the hairstyle, I start filling then in with lines.

I start from one end of a chunk of hair, and draw a line from that end to the other, following the wave of the original chunk.

The lines dont have to be perfect either, because they wont be noticeable when the overall piece is finished! 

And remember, you have to follow the waves of the original chunks. 

When I've lined the overall hairstyle, I like to look to see if there's areas that needed more hair to help balance things out.

And that's about it! 

It's alot more simpler than what most people think! Ultimately, you just need ALOT of patience for the linework within the hair.

Key things to take from this-

~In the beginning, draw in chunks, whether straight hair or curly, start drawing the foundational lines that make up the majority of the hair

~ Fill in the chunks with smaller lines that curve with the original chunks.

~The lines within the chunks don't have to be perfect. Just make sure they connect from start of one chunk to the end of it.

~Add more chunks if need be!

If you made it this far, Congratulations!! Hope this helps you! Do you follow a similar style for hair?