Drawings for November!
Edit: I'm having issues with the video, I'll try to get it working asap. 

First! Let me apologize ahead of time for the Blair Witch-esque shakycam "quality" of this video. I was doing stuff with one hand and holding my phone with the other, so if you are easily sea-sickened, just listen and don't watch!

I decided to go ahead and do the drawing now, so I have more time to get everyone's stuff together. :)

Basically, there was a winning name for each tier drawn, so each of those people get an extra something, on top of their regular rewards, depending on the tier they're in. 

The winners for this month are! 

George S.

Karen A.

Cecilia P.

Seiko (I hope you don't mind me calling you that, I always think of you as our little rabbit, Seiko!)

I will send messages to the winners in the next few days to sort out what you all would like as your extra item(s) to go with your regular stuff! 

THANK YOU ALL you are all winners in my heart and if you could all win, you would! But I would need to clone myself so I could help myself make stuff. <3