Drawings from this weekend
Hi everyone! I thought I'd like to share these pics I've made very recently. I spent this last Saturday in Hypecon's Artist's Alley in Hyvinkää (it rained so much the air inside turned humid enough to curl our books a little...) and I got to do two 20-ish minute commissions there! It seems I've transformed into someone who can use a brushpen with some confidence and not screw up very badly. Thank you so much to my commissioners!! <3

The next morning I felt really ill and like I might get a migraine later, so I game myself permission to not work on digital things. Instead I fooled around a bit more with my gouaches, finished this small painting on Tuomi and also did an indulgent Cypress headshot. After that I worked a bit more on sketching pages but I can't show them... Soon there'll be pages I'll feel more comfortable about streaming again, I really miss the boost already! Anyway, hope you're having a great Monday! I'll make a new sketch post (or two) soon for the 10+ patrons, I have the pics open on my Photoshop right now. :)

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