Drawlloween Day 9 - Fanged Fiends
I really need to work out a more organized plan of attack for Drawlloween since it seems I am, in fact, doing it. lol. 

Ok. Fanged Fiends. Here we have a handful of creatures/beings with fangs. In my mind's eye they are all in some form of cage or cell and being experimented upon by some nefarious corporate entity. I suppose that places them somewhat squarely in EvoPunk, eh? Sure. That works.

Side note: I've been creating Supers characters for 27 years or so - since I was 16-ish. I have created several teams of characters and something around 600+ heroes and villains. I freely admit many of them are an homage or direct ripoff of characters published by Marvel of DC Comics. I was young, and not even close to being a writer when most of these were drawn up and given a name. Plus, it was (mostly) the 90s, and comic standards were not quite as in-line with cinema or reality as they are today. lol. EvoPunk seems to be the place all these concepts are coming together for some reason. I am finding ways to fit the strangest of concepts, rework old ideas that are too blatantly copied from older published works, and inventing strings of plot to pull it all together. In short, this image sparked yet another idea for a concept I've had for a long time that I had basically given up on. Fun stuff. I can't wait to write it into EvoPunk and see it come to life at long last. 

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