Drawlloween Info Sheet
Here's something you might not see every day...

After I finished up this year's Drawlloween dealie, I figured I'd stick everything together in a book. Knowing that, if I've survived something once and had a good experience with it, there's a good chance I'd do it again. That's where sheets like this come in.

What you have is some dead simple graphics and basic info related to the book. Seems like a no-brainer but it's something I rarely do. Details like fonts used and general page sizes/types help keep projects with possible sequels in line from version to version. Same goes with the little color swatches. I can't count how many times I've had colors change on me between updates 'cause I left out something so simple.

Another thing this is useful for is color testing. Notice the mention of paper type? That's there for future reference if I run these off on my home equipment. This being small and full color means I can test print this to check how accurate all my colors are without scrambling to find something that Might work. Same goes for the toned version in the upper-left. It makes for an excellent way to test my black & white laser printer.

As for the book itself... You can grab a copy over at Gumroad now. Simply click the link here -> https://gum.co/DBnAN

It's a "Pay-what-you-Want" book starting at $1 so, unlike the set price ones, I can't do any neat coupon codes for folks this time around. That said, it is filled with 31 high-res scans from this October's challenge along with a bunch of extra info and actual titles for each pic.

Back to the Comic Mines for me. Hope you folks dug this little look at how I'm trying to organize my projects better. = )