Drawn, Digitalized and Published...
Patrons, Dear Patrons, 

Hope you are enjoying the last days of summer 2016.

And what a summer it has been... 

For me,

There was plenty of creativity. 

There was a lot of translation/subtitling (I currently translated Narcos, Season 2-a must watch- and some old Star Trek episodes into Turkish) 

There were bombings in Istanbul, where I live.

There were friends visiting.

There was Patti Smith, altering my mind forever.

There was a failed military coup in Turkey. Sleepless nights. 

Crazy times we live in... 

Certainly, Summer of 2016 will stay with me till the end of my time.

Well, in the creativity realm, I completed my 100 day Project. Second year in a row. It's under the hashtag #100streamsofimagination and also the whole collection is up on my website... Some drawings+paintings survived the digitalization, some did not. But I am pretty happy with the results. Some of you might have already received some of my work via mail :) Hope you enjoy them. 


Sending you loads of love, creativity, and imagination, 


P.S. Will you be joining me and Nathalie on our #mycoloringmap adventures? Come Along, Join Along https://www.patreon.com/posts/coloring-map-6465997, go get it!!)