Going on vacation throughout my life I have been to some amazing places. I wanted the salty breeze to run across my sun baked skin and let the sound of great walls of water crashing onto the sand interrupting my dreams. I wanted to open my eyes and look up from my hammock to see the palm trees swaying back and forth dancing in the wind. This moment was my moment and I wanted it to last forever. Everyone can dream right? Well this dream has come true with some of the greatest life lessons of all time. Since I have started my trip of sailing around the world, I have learned some of the most basic things that I have overlooked my entire life. Life is truly a blessing and when you take everything away that may fog your true visions and passions, the horizon becomes clear. You actually start to embrace your surroundings and your senses become more keen. Flowers are more fragrant, colors are more vibrant, different cultures become more beautiful and your life blossoms into the bright red beautiful rose it should be. Yes roses do have thorns as “Bret Micheal’s from Poison” would sing. I must say though, why would you buy the love of your life a dozen of natures beautiful creations if they are covered with thorns? Sometimes people seem to focus too much on life’s “thorns” and not the true beauty it has to offer. As I’m still young in my life’s journey of adventuring around the world. I have learned some important lessons that I will take with me for the rest of my life. I have learned to slow down and be patient. Great things come with time and dedication, they don’t happen overnight. With that said, I have learned to keep it simple and accomplish one thing a day. It may not sound like a lot but if you complete all of your daily tasks and then one more thing on top of that you will then slowly be getting ahead. Especially with a boat. You may or may not know that things take forever to fix on a boat. With all the dingy trips into town and all ten stores you check may not have exactly what you need. Then after some taco’s and a beer you head back out to the boat to find out the part just barely doesn’t fit. Do that a million times and it gets a little frustrating but its amazing what experiences you have and what you learn in these types of situations. I’ll be honest, I have been one to always look for whats next and where I want to be in the future. I had a hard time being present. By learning to just sit back and relax I am amazed on what I have noticed. I feel like people spend to much time talking at people and not listening to the world around them. Embracing my surroundings is something that I have come to really appreciate. You never know what you may learn about the world and you might make a new friend that you originally wouldn’t have if you were in a rush for no particular reason. What would life be without a challenge? I am taking this journey or expedition, my family might say a long vacation, one step at a time. I have realized that the dream of waking up on the beach every day in “paradise” is not the entire dream, thats just part of the experience. Would you be able to go to that fancy resort you have always dreamed about in French Polynesia and lay on the beach for the rest of your life? I couldn’t. Don’t get me wrong once in a while I enjoy just relaxing but if it was my only option, it would drive me crazy! I need a challenge, stimulation that is above and beyond regular life. I have spent my entire time on this earth so far rushing for something I was trying to catch when in reality, paradise was right beneath my feet. So as I get myself into crazy situations, it may seem like chaos at the time but I live for these experiences and later reflect on how they have molded me into the person I am today. I am learning everyday how amazing life can be if you choose to let it. Let your dreams come true. -Tyler
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