Dream The Dark Dream
I've had a demo copy of this myself for years, songs from it have featured often on my studio playlists and are used as soundtracks for my posts on youtube frequently. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCE3dpuYMpSrwJ7aRmRbL-SQeNQVPBDo7 I'm pleased to say I helped get it released publicly finally too, by including it as a part of the digital package from the Dream Life Kickstarter. Dream The Dark Dream, by Sadoceanspacebear, The last lovely unreleased album of the band. They dissolved after mixing it. It has a significant role in three books of mine so far, Therefore Repent, Dream Life, and Dracula Son of the Dragon. Each featured one of the unreleased tracks as a soundtrack. Comics don't often come with those but the book trailers on youtube do! "Dogs" for Therefore, Repent! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s58DcTFXUbU "Country Road Late At Night" for Dream Life | a late coming of age. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXd-M34_NRw & "Bones of Love" for Dracula: Son of the Dragon. http://youtu.be/w2vroMTjSB8 It was truly my secret weapon of awesome. I'd followed the Toronto gothic psychedelic space rock band since they formed, one member being an old friend. The album genuinely had a strong impact on me in terms of a sense of environment and ambiance of the individual books. And It was an honor to get to introduce it to a bigger audience as part of the Dream Life Kickstarter. http://kck.st/1pWRbUy That helped encourage the band to set it up on Bandcamp finally! I love that. :) http://sadoceanspacebear.bandcamp.com/releases SO that means of course, I'm totally going to suggest that if you read my books, go have a listen on bandcamp, and consider shooting them $5. As a Bonus, the liner notes for the special Kickstarter edition to go with it when you get a copy from them, are attached to this post for you to download. It's the semi official soundtrack for the last few years of my work! -max
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