Dream Team Chapter One: Logan.
The armored shell of white raced through the dark trees of a forgotten forest. Light gleamed off of the mysterious figure as it gained ground. In an instant, the blur launched through a clearing into a meadow of wildflowers. Dirt and undergrowth sprayed outward as the giant Armadillo-bear unfolded itself and slid to a grinding halt. His Armored shell retracted as he turned to look back through the clearing.

In his arms, he held a young boy. In his heart, he held the greatest fear he had ever felt. The bear's jewel blue eyes fell on the boy's face, and with heavy breath, he spoke. "Master logan, I'm afraid I can go no further. The darkness that pursues us is something even I can't outrun." Logan opened his mouth to speak, but before he could say anything, A black knight burst out of the trees and into the meadow with an ear-splitting crack.

 His midnight helm spun around and locked onto Logan and the bear. His ebony boots dug into the soft earth sending scores of dandelions and flower petals into the air. Without a word, the knight reached to his side. "Sir Arland, please! This is not you!", the armored bear pleaded as he slowly set the boy down behind him. The dark figure silently held his ground.

 Logan felt the tension of the moment. The black knight's right hand grasped a purple scabbard that rested at his hip. A gold inlay formed an intricate spider web design from hilt to tip. The two great warriors stood like towering pillars examining each other. The space between them was a vacuum, devoid of sound and time.

Sir Arland lifted the Hilted blade above his head and brought it down hard, stabbing it into the soft earth. The metal fingers of his gloved left hand wrapped around the handle like black tendril vines. The blade sang an eerie sustained note as it began to slide out of the scabbard. With the note, the grass and flowers around Sir Arland's feet began wilting and dying. The further the blade slid from its scabbard, the more distant the diameter of destruction spread until the knight stood alone in a black circle of death.

 The evil that radiated from the blade clenched logans heart and lungs causing his breathing to become slow and deliberate. He looked up to his protector. The armadillo-bear stood as a brick wall, squinting at his pursuer and former friend. A smirk slowly spread across his face. "Sir Arland, are you so far enveloped that you have forgotten who imbued you with that blade? What poison has corrupted you so much that you no longer recognize friend from foe?"

As he spoke Bastian, the bear lifted his hands into parallel fists. The handle of large war-hammer began to materialize in an intricate display of purple beaming light. " I have promised my life to protecting Master Logan. The same promise you made not so long ago. Unlike you, I plan to keep that promise." The last strand of magical light snapped into place revealing the head of the war-hammer to be a fully functional 1980s era boombox.

A heart thumping bassline erupted from Bastian's war-hammer. Visible waves of sound pulsed across the meadow. The evil the black knight had displayed with his deadly sword was pushed back. Logan felt the foul hand of death slowly release its grip from his heart. He cautiously peeked out to see what was happening. A line was drawn at the center of the meadow. The two evenly matched auras crashed into each other, both demanding ground and each finding none.

The Black Knight Sir Arland lifted his sword, with noticeable strain, to shoulder height. He released his right hand and brought it behind his back. As he assumed a fencer's stance, the knight aligned his blade with Bastian's head. "Die", He said, but the voice was not his own.

A deadly bolt of black lightning erupted from Sir Arland's formidable sword and arched across the meadow towards its intended targets. Logan squeezed his eyes shut and clenched every muscle in his body preparing for burning pain, but none came. He mustered the courage to look up. Bastian's outstretched hammer was inches from his face, shielding him from the blast of lightning. The steady beat emanating from the boombox head of the exotic creature's hammer sped into an electronic drone as the bolt funneled into it.

Bastian the Bear reaffirmed his grip, and with all his strength lunged forward. In time with the Rhythm of his defensive aura baseline, he released the Black Knights deadly lightning back at him with the sound of a shredding guitar solo. Sir Arland steadied his blade. At the very last possible moment, he slightly lifted his sword and expertly parried the blow sending it hurtling into the nearby trees. When the dust settled, all that remained of the forest behind Sir Arland, was ash.

Unfazed, the Black Knight poised himself and readied another strike.
Logan stumbled backward in awe. He looked up to Bastian and muttered, "He's too strong, we won't beat him. We have to run!", The Bear did not take his eyes off his formidable enemy across the meadow. With a calm steady voice Bastian breathed, "No, You have to run." He took a knee, and for the first time since the battle began, the towering armadillo-bear met Logan's gaze. "You carry the fate of this word in your mind Master Logan. All will be revealed in time, but now is the time to run." The bear rose to his feet and faced his Sir Arland. "Run master Logan. RUN!"

Bastian's booming voice shook the tears in Logan's eyes and made his teeth vibrate. With a reluctant stumble, the frail boy did as he was told. The sounds of battle erupted behind him as he sprinted for the tree line.
Each blast of lightning and thunderous roar made him wince with fear and increase in speed. Just as Logan was about to reach the safety of the woods he skipped to an uneasy stop and turned to look back at his beloved friend.

Bastian and Sir Arland were locked in a deadly stalemate. Both warriors had simultaneously attempted a killing blow causing their weapons to lock in the center between them. the fur on Bastian's arms began to singe. The black steel of Sir Arland's armor began to glow red with heat. Bastian roared, "GO! Now!", over his shoulder. Logan wiped away his tears, nodded, and ducked into the forest.

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