Dreaming for the Future
If this ever becomes really big, I am going to start taking requests. And, as you know if you've read anything I've ever written, the final result will NOT be what you expect. The acapella artist Peter Hollens' work is almost entirely crowdfunded through Patreon, and he takes requests and creates unbelievably beautiful work. In my dreamworld, I'd take occasional requests and create unexpected things off of them, interspersed with my other work. For now, though, I'm just shooting for enough funding to get a writing space and an apartment that is safer for my daughter. The rest is just dreaming. For now. That, and I am celebrating being over $300/month! My work is increasingly funded, and I'm sharing all of it early with my patrons, because you are all amazing. And I'm going to keep driving for that next goal. I have written since I was little, but I began *publishing* (as opposed to just filing away manuscripts) to support my children. And bit by bit, I am doing that. With your help. Thank you. Stant Litore
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