Dreamkeepers: Card Game Questions
The officially licensed Dreamkeepers Card Game is coming.

It's been brewing behind the scenes for months now- after hundreds of hours of playtesting and meticulous development, we're ready to share some preliminary news.

Developed by Spencer Brower and Michael Crossen, it's a character-based battle game. Every player commands two characters, each with a unique deck and tactical style- making for a myriad of strategic combinations.

The table itself is split into three zones, giving dimension and variation to the gameplay.

Balancing and further refinement is underway- but an early 2017 Kickstarter is looking solid.

So to kick off our updates, what questions do you have? Hit us in the comments! Curious about character selection? Gameplay? Features, Kickstarter extras?

Share your questions and ideas. Stay tuned for more updates and contests as the game develops, and be sure to follow the game developers on their social media:


We'll also set up an outreach program to help us connect with your favorite game shop, so watch for news on that front as well.

Fun is in our future.
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