dreamluna - the nightmare fortnight begins!

Event period: [10-19-2015 ~ 10-31-2015]

What the event is about:  If you are selected, your pony oc or canon pony get to interact with nightmare dreamluna during the Nightmare Fortnight! 

How it works: 

Just send in an ask labeled "Trick" or "Treat" along with a canon or oc pony (canon ponies will be chosen at a greater possibility) and a cosplay outfit or costume they are wearing!

Caution: If your oc is chosen, it will most likely not be depicted in your own headcanon! I will make them work to fit the dreamluna world!  Also they might get butts in their face and other weird stuff! Be warned!  This blog is not 18+ so only things borderline/ecchi or insinuated will happen!

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