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Dreams Come True
Here is the third of three new songs Skyline 5th graders wrote and performed for their graduation here in Stillwater. This song is called "Dreams Come True," though we also could have titled it "Whatcha Gonna Do?" since the central question is: Whatcha gonna do to make your dreams come true? The kids put a lot of thought into this one, about goals we have in life, obstacles we may face, and how to get around them. Dreams don't just happen, you have to make them happen. The song is meant to inspire, and I think it does! I had several students in this class who really knew how to engage with the creative process; that is, they kept offering and kept offering ideas. With so many great thoughts always at hand to choose from we ended up with some of the best lyrics of any of my student-written songs! Some of my favorites: "You gotta be brave; no time to fear; your life is whispering in your ear" "When you feel really stressed and you're angry and annoyed / When you're sad and depressed cause you fell into a void" "You are an unbreakable force / You'll take charge of your future's course" This is why I love working with kids! If you would like to download the files please follow the Bandcamp link, click "buy" and enter zero for the amount (you will already be charged for the song through Patreon). Enjoy, and thanks for your support!!