Dreams: Original lyrics by Aiden Dawn and Carter Mahoney
In my dreams I fantasize about becoming who I wanna be, where I wanna go, what I wanna do, what will get me to my becoming In my dreams who I am is beautiful, who I am is real, I live in a mansion in California Loving what I do, giving everyday, believing there's a way to my becoming (Chorus) And I know that who I wanna be is something I may not achieve, but I know that if I believe I can be And I know that where I wanna go is a place along a lonely road, but I know that if I look and see, things can change In my dreams the consumerist age is over, we are slowly getting closer to changing what is coming, our world is unraveling In my dreams I see the green of things oh what I see, I see the dark and the light I see acceptance, everything, I see our world unraveling (Chorus) In the world around we live oblivious the the sounds The older days have come and gone been replaced by a new song We are developing one by one, one by one, one by one (Chorus)