A Dress Made of Sunlight
In the story of The Skin Coat, from the original Thousandfurs, we have four magical items our heroine is bestowed. Above is a work in progress photo of one of these magical items, a dress the color of sunlight. In order to flee her home, take her destiny into her own hands, and find an answer to an impossible situation, she first must be touched by that outside herself. In fairytales and fables, a common trope is that of the fairy godmother, otherworldly visitation, or kindly witch. This figure, representing all that is Outside ourselves, that which is impossible, and good, and kind, often gives the hero or heroine magical items. Sometimes these come in the form of a cloak that makes them invisible, or scissors which everything they cut turns to gold, or in this case, magical clothing. Three dresses that fit into walnut shells are given to our intrepid and frightened young princess, one the color of the sun, one the color of the moon, and the third of the stars in a night sky. When the play begins, we do not know what help these dresses could possibly pose to our princess fleeing home, disguised as a fantastical beast. We learn, though, that the witch women and fairy friends may give fickle gifts, but they always have a purpose. These dresses are what enable the princess to visit her prince at his balls, catching his eye. But the question becomes: what is the disguise, and what is her true self? The mysterious princess at the balls, or the kind and generous beast she hides as? Come find out with us at The Skin Coat, March 3-11! http://rsvpdx.com/skin And if you become a patron right now, get more insights into the princess' journey and more sneak peeks at the rest of her magical gifts as they are built!