Dressing Isn't Just for Salads - Etiquette for Idiots
There is an age-old saying that goes: No shirt, No shoes, No service.

Well that seems pretty damn appropriate for this etiquette lesson, only it should read: No shirt, No shoes, No show.

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they dress and the way they carry themselves in public. Now, we at MidCity understand that not everyone out there are theatre goers and that’s ok. That’s why Pat and Stephen are doing what they are doing. They are here to help you through what they’ve seen and experienced so you don’t get fingered as ‘that’ audience member.

In former years, the theatre was a lavish night out on the town for a couple or a family. It was a privilege to go to the theatre and the public treated it as such. Men in suits, women in dresses and pill-box hats, boys and girls in their Sunday-best. That’s what you saw when you went to the theatre. In latter years, that custom has strayed for various reasons but the importance and eloquence of the theatre has not changed. Let’s put it this way, if you were going skiing, you wouldn’t pack linen shorts and Hawaiian shirts. If you were going to the beach, you wouldn’t pack a mink and your long-johns. Every destination has its own appropriate attire, and the theatre is no exception.

The actors and designers have worked so hard to bring you what you are about to see. Give them the courtesy of showing up for the show presentable. It’s the respect that I am sure you all would like if you put a substantial amount of effort into something and were very proud to present it. Put yourself in their shoes…and don’t forget to wear a pair of your own.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of ‘Etiquette for Idiots’ and we will see you next time.

- MidCity Productions

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