Driftwinds music events in March
We are feeling blessed and happy to have such amazing chances of playing our music to people in various places.  It still somehow feels strange, thinking that neither of us still two years ago seriously thought of ever playing anything to anyone, really, in this manner at least.. ;) Yet here we are and it brings much joy, to us at least and hopefully to some others as well.

Last Saturday we played a gig at Roxy's restaurant in Wilderness. This song Restless heart was on the list.. it is a song written and sung by me and harmonies and wonderful djembe by Miki. I always thought the song kind of has two main "messages".. that we may sometimes have a "restless" heart, meaning we're not always settled, certain of things, or feeling at ease; yet, we are always whatever we are at any moment and thus always enough & on our way "home". And on the other hand, some people move about more than others, not staying physically or mentally put in one space or place and yet, may feel at home.. in this world.

And you can of course give your very own meaning to this song, that's what we do as humans. :) I guess we find the meanings that we most need or are receptive to at any moment..

So, apart from Roxy's, we also played at Cocomo this week, also in Wilderness. Tonight which is Friday we venture off to Wild Spirit, which is 30 km away from Plett, in the Crags. This venue is a beautiful, wonderful backpackers lodge in a most amazing setting overlooking the valleys and the mountains. We'll cycle up and spend the night there, will be lovely to play there again and connect with some of the interesting people that pass by or stay in that place.

This weekend will then see me spending some nature time with children, in Kurland village and during a forest school morning.. while Mekhala probably finishes one most stunning piece of art! Keen to share an image of that too, soon. ;)

And then there are more music events coming up! We'll be busking in the weekends at Le Fournil cafe in Plett as well as Peppermill restaurant in the Crags. At the turn of the months we'll be in St Francis Bay again.

We'll be posting photos and stories here..

thank you for reading, much love