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“It is said that the greatest Wanderer does not know where they are going. This is the openness required to follow the Way.  The journey is not the destination. When traveling, be a gardener of every new experience. The seed of self-realization is unfolding regardless of where you are. Everywhere you go, there you are, in a giant tapestry of your unfolding.” -Cafe Au Soul Hexagram 56

Gene Key 56 - Fire on the Mountain

The wildfire of rapture erupts atop the mountain of presence, teaching us to celebrate life, to drink life in through the wonder of the senses. The dilemma of distraction lies in following the impulse of our cravings and aversions into the world, out of our center. When the fires of desire spread too quickly, they destroy the landscape of our cultivation through stillness. Yet by properly restraining our inferno of desire, we enter a state of enrichment: a place of passionate appreciation for life. Here we learn to drink life in, to celebrate the intoxicating colors of the world around us. The great passionate embers of our soul igniting from the patient cultivation of the body, joy is a natural byproduct of presence. The Wanderer teaches us to find our center no matter where our life takes us. Carrying the depth of our presence with the lightness of creative passion.

“When far from home, take your inner treasure and ritual along with you. When the heart is uneasy, we support it with ritual.  Wandering or traveling is an opportunity to examine the baggage you carry with you. Perhaps it is time to lighten your load?” -Cafe Au Soul

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