I'd like to show you what you may be getting, if you decide to support me as a writer. I hope it's not too terrible. If it is, well, I don't deal well with rejection, so could you just not say anything? Mom always said you shouldn't say anything if you don't have anything good to say. ======= Drinks Hi, hey, you’re shorter than your pictures. Wow, and I didn't realize from your profile that you had highlights. I don’t know many men who would have the guts. Ah, I think the hostess is pointing at our table… Oh, you’d like to order some wine? That’s a wonderful idea. Just get any red, I’m not picky, but thanks for asking. I'm thinking of starting with the pear salad... So, tell me about yourself. Oh, me first? Ok, if you insist… I don’t have much to tell. I moved to Dublin a while ago, I'm a legal secretary. I have no connections here in this city, doing my best to meet nice people and who knows, maybe it’ll lead to something more? How I got into online dating? It’s a funny story, actually. I come from a place where this type of dating, where you invite me out and we discuss amenities and try to impress each other with whatever we think we’re good at, just doesn’t happen. You go out, you kiss, next day or next week you talk again and maybe find out you actually want to keep talking. Or you may just part ways on that night and nothing else happens. It's all good. I like that. It’s simple. Sure, let's order. I'll have the salad and the chicken special. So, like I was saying, apparently here in Dublin mine's a losing strategy. You try to charm men and make that moment happen after talking for a while in a pub or a party, and they just flee or, worse, try to schedule something for next week, so maybe they can have that moment then. So not spontaneous, you know? I mean, has this ever happened to you? Yes, I imagined. It’s just what I’ve been hearing from other people as well. So then I to give this “movie dating” a shot. We call it movie dating, me and my friends, it's funny, right? You invite me for dinner and we talk. You tell me how was your life growing up, why you’re going out with random strangers, and what’s your favorite movie. Then I do the same. At the end, I’ll try to reach for the check, you gently offer to pay and tell me I’ll get it next time. I’ll accept if I like you and want to see you again, and I’ll insist to split it if I don’t want to “owe” you another date. Why am I still single? Well, I've had my share of long-term relationships throughout life, as anyone. And also had my short affairs that weren’t going anywhere. And right now I’m in between relationships. Come on, happens to everyone, right? Sometimes you’re with someone, sometimes you’re not. Isn’t it? The ups and downs of the working year. Ah, you’ve been single for the past six years, I see. Well, don’t worry, it doesn’t last forever. Unless you want it to, which is perfectly fine. I suppose it makes sense... you're here because you want to change the situation. Yeah, yeah. Of course... What’s it about your ex-wife? Bitch, yeah, some people are, indeed. Indeed... Hum, can you call the waiter if you see him? Yes, I know, life is crazy. The things we go through, right? It’s hard to believe. It’s amazing that you overcame that very serious thing you just told me. I’m very interested in these things you’re telling me. Me, I had a pretty regular life. I travel, I work, I meet people, I fall in love. Come on, wipe that smile from your face, I’m just saying as a general life rule. Yeah, who knows where this night will end, I know, I know. Did I tell you I work a lot and have very early morning meetings? Anyway, sometimes I also write, love to write. Ah, maybe? Maybe not. Do you want me to write about you? Don’t worry, I’ll use a fake name for you, David, and change the details. I’d never share these intimate moments we’re having here, David. Your last name is O’Brian, right? Sure, it was a pleasure talking to you. Had fun, of course. You said you live in Smithfield, yeah? Oh, I’m on the south side, complete opposite. But thanks for the offer of walking me home anyway. You’re a gentleman. What’s that? You want to pick up the bill? No, please, let’s split it. I insist.
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