DRIVE Orig Art Up For Grabs!
Friends! A page of DRIVE original art is up for grabs, showing the first meeting of Nosh and Skitter! So  if you're an original art collector, ​go snag it! [ ​LINK ]

Only the first 50-60 pages of DRIVE were inked: The hundreds of pages that followed were all *digitally* drawn. And of those inked pages, I believe only 5-6 have been released into the wild. So! Kind of a neat rarity!

​This original art shows the first meeting of NOSH and SKITTER, and is drawn in lightfast, archival inks on acid-free, vellum Bristol stock. The cardstock itself measures 14 x 11 inches, while the drawn image is roughly 11 x 10.5 inches. There are no mistakes or corrections in the artwork itself, so it will frame up especially nice.

This original art will be shipped for *FREE*, anywhere in the U.S.A! (And just a flat $5 to any point outside the U.S.A.)Also! For the lucky DRIVE fan who snags the artwork: This piece can be signed and personalized at the winner's request.