Let out that steam people. Get it out of you. The value of energy being all stuck inside you waiting to react. Waiting around for things to happen is a part of the game. No matter how proactive you are you will still be at the whim of those holding answers. Meetings lead to meetings lead to meetings and so on as you go around this spinning Earth. Keep busy with having more meetings with other people and as that old saying goes “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.

You are the device of action in your life. You can stand around waiting for one thing to happen or you could move forward while keeping the burn hot in the background. Besides, most stoves have four burners so why cook one thing at a time in life? S.M.A.R.T. Goals are about having a path laid out before to determine what is next. Though variables could come up and you should have contingencies for such circumstances, remember to also have more than one end goal in life.

A little goes a long way when you are working on multiple things. As roadblocks come up, jump on the next effort while keeping the car warm. Another effort of action is to make moves outside their slowness. You want to film a TV show? Film it. Go find the money, or those willing to believe in the project to do it for free in the beginning. You want to open a company but have no start up capital? Work your ass off at doing 3 crappy jobs if you have till you have the money in your pocket.

Become your effort while the world is slowing down around you.