Drops of Wonder

This patch makes use of 6/4 and 3/4 ratios on the clock, to create a sort of "rolling feel"

There are 2 versions of the patch, one that uses the full Entrian plugin and one that uses the free Entrian player plugin.

modules list:

  • VCV: Core



  • MindMeld: 







  • Impromptu: 



  • MSM: 

    Dual Delay

  • Valley: 


  • Bidoo: 


  • AS: 

    Reverb Stereo Fx

  • Surge for Rack: 


  • VCV: Fundamental

    Sequential Switch 2



  • Bogaudio: 













  • 23volts: 



  • Autodafe: 

    Clock Divider

  • Count Modula: 

    Analogue Shift Register

    Basic 8 Step Sequencer

  • Animated Circuits: 


  • Entrian: 




  • Autodafe - DrumKit:

    Drums - Closed Hats

    Drums - Rim/Claves

  • Hora: Analog Drums

    Snare Drum Vult

  • Vult: Vult Compacts


  • Atelier: 


  • Befaco: 


  • OrangeLine: 


  • LindenbergResearch: 

    Alma 24dB/oct ladder filter

  • Tiny Tricks: 

    Sine Oscillator

  • Rackwindows: 


  • chowdsp: 


  • stoermelder: PackOne


  • Hora: Processors Free