Drøskast stave
Staves for starting a Drøskast. As you most likely know, I have been researching the phenomenon known locally here in Jutland as "Drøskast" for quite a while (sometimes also known as "Drøskrat", "Strøhob" and a few other names). Drøskast are old piles of stones, and sticks, left by the scene of a horrific or otherwise disturbing site - often places such as suicide trees, battlegrounds and scenes of brutal robberies turned to murder etc. The Drøskast is a method of protection from ond lykke (bad fortune), wandering ghosts and other malicious spirits, that's usually attracted to places like this. But in my research, I have only been able to find part of an original ritual, involving the use of the Drøskast. This explanation have been passed down from oral tradition in both northern and southern Jutland. Luckily oral tradition explains quite a lot; most important the technique of distraction, to trick the spirits to leach onto the Drøskast, instead of a person. Even though I have found and researched several sites, and been in contact with local historians, and even an old witch that lives near some of the sites, I have yet been able to find any clues to ritual involved in forming these formations. Even though they are hinted at by some later written accounts. Despite some sites been formed quite recently (Late 1800's), no trace or any mention of how they are started seems to have survived. I had to look to the related tradition of Maning, as it also involves methods for tackling rouge spirits causing ond lykke. Several accounts of ritual can be found regarding Maning, so I figured it would be a good place to start, when trying to reconstruct a functional ritual for birthing new Drøskast. I combined this with my love of Galdrastafir (Galdr staves), and what do you know... I even had the opportunity to try it out, and I actually believe it workd as intended. I'm so excited that this is going into the final pages of the Skjuggebog. FFFF