Druids Comic January Donation Sale!!
Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a safe New Year's Eve and isn't too hung over.  

It's that time of year again and 2018 is not different.  However, we're moving and we need new furniture so the deals are CRAAAAAAA-AAAAAAAZY (Used Car Commerical Voice).

Anyways, all sale items will be done through PayPal.  So please use this link to donate!  

IMPORTANT!!! You must EMAIL ME and tell me what you want.  I do not guess based on donation amount.  Also, I might need your address if I have to mail something out.  SO PLEASE EMAIL ME.  

My email is: [email protected] 

You can always view details of the items on our rewards page. 

Any picture: 5 USD

Any Previous Entire Year (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016): 25 USD per year

All 2017 Pictures: 50 USD

All Pictures from 2012 to 2017: 150 USD (Best Deal for New donators)

Super Fan (All Pictures, All bookmarks, All Magnets): 200 USD - address required

Bookmark Packs (12) US: 30 USD - address required

Bookmark Packs (12) International: 35 US - address required

Magnet Packs (12) US: 65 USD - address required

Magnet Packs (12) International: 70 USD - address required

Individual Bookmarks / Magnets US: 7 USD - address required

Individual Bookmarks / Magnets International: 10 USD - address required

Again and as always, thanks for your support!

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