*Drum Roll*
Hey everybody! (echoes out into nothingness) 

Oh well, build it and they will come.

     To launch my Patreon site, I will begin by announcing the post date for my first book *drum roll*: 

APRIL 1ST. This ain't no April Fools joke! 

The Ability Trials, starring the lovely and fictional Rory will launch this April. It's everything you've every wanted: Superheroes, sarcasm, solid Christian beliefs, adventure, all for the price of one! 

Now be nice!  I'm new at this, and I may have a few grammar mistakes (what can I say, free grammar apps just don't cut it) but my heart's all in it and it's a lot just that I'm taking this risk and putting it out there.

 I will be releasing 2/4 chapters per month, and I am aiming on a book at least 150-200 pages long (around 20-25 chapters), you should see a book every year or so. Heh heh, I'm not a speed writer that's for sure. 

The book will be open to Patrons only, so please join in now so you don't miss anything! 

Hope to see you in April!


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