Drumming "Drifting" by Andy McKee
Dudes. I've wanted to make this video since I first heard this crazy song at age 16. Sometimes the best tunes to jam to don't have any drumming in them at all. Enter Andy McKee's "Drifting". This dude grooves on guitar so hard that you just *have* to drum along. He provides so much rhythmic structure that you have a basic skeleton to play with but also tons of room to say whatever's on your drumming mind at the moment. My kick is following his bass line, and generally my syncopation follows his guitar body taps. Throw in some occasional toms, cymbals, and cowbell for some melodic highlights and you've got yourself a full on jam. By the way, if you've never heard this song, go look up Andy McKee's version on YouTube. Much more impressive without drums.