DSG Normal Map CC
What is DSG Normal Map CC, DSG is "Demoniac" and "SG" Female Textures Pack, CC is Custom Collection, So it is  Demoniac and SG Normal Map Custom Collection.

What Contents Including?

In this package is only contain normal map (msn.dds) which is custom little adjust to solve the skin color divergent problems when you use  different normal map. Eg: Use head map from SG a and body map from  Demoniac. 


This package contain one  custom adjusted body map base on Demoniac default body. I like the Demoniac default body map but don't like the abdominal muscles so I make a adjust version for fit for my personal taste.


I try couple unp hand normal map and my opinion is fair skin hand map which is most smooth when I compare to other, But it seems is not match with Sg body normal, So I make a little adjusted version. So now you can use this fair skin hand map with any sg body map without color divergent problems.


I try couple head normal map and my opinion is SG or Demoniac for creating realism characters. Both head map looks are almost the same, Demoniac have little more detail. In most enb environment, You just hard to see what different between each other, However, If you want to use Sg head map with any Demoniac body map without color divergence, This adjusted SG head map will fit for you.

Please Read readme inside the CC Package for more informations.