Releasing Version 1.2.2
fixed Player data retrieval script, was not getting all players
fixed Alliance data retrieval script, was not getting all alliances
added 3 options to the install script, StopWait,SaveWait, and StopDelay, that was previously missed in last update
player,alliance, and group scripts now use variables passed by the manager script
**update_manager now uses the same script for editing configs via web interface, the script will re add any missing comments and any missing options to the configs
Restart command now displays a message between stopping and Starting
removed password lockout on server config editor. (until I settup password protection on installation)
Added DeletePlayer button in console.(server needs to be offline)
Added -v option to start-web script, will output more information when failing to start webserver
Fixed bug when using the -d and -b options "DynamichEcho not found"
when you update to this version, youll still be using the old Update_manager script, the updated script wont take effect until the next update for you.

`MAKE SURE YOU REVIEW BOTH manager-config.ini and PHPConfig.ini`, and remove any leading + symbols, this patch fixs this issue, so future updates will no longer make your configs look like shit.

Im expecting another DSM within a few days, as Avorion has announced an upcoming patch to the game, which will include RCON interface.

Using RCON I can have a more reliable commands interaction with the console,
Accurate number of online players on the home screen,
less dependancy on a specific apache module.

Avorion hasnt released anything more as to whats in the update, as soon as it comes out I will be working on it. So I can push another DSM update ASAP.

Ill also be releasing a few mods, here on patreon, some of which will also be posted on the avorion forums.

Thank you again for all your continued support. Remember if you want to ask any questions or just talk, you can find me on my discord