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TEXT = "Sharjah International Book Fair 2019" 

U.A.E. seems like the perfect place learn to read Arabic.
English is an unofficial language of business here, so every road sign & store front is bilingual!  You can always try the Arabic, and then check the English to see if you're right...
On the other hand, everybody I meet seems to speak pretty good English -- so it might be a hard place to actually learn & practice Arabic...

The top panel (flying in to Dubai) doesn't really do justice to the city, or to that new Dubai Creek Harbor tower.  
Have you heard of this thing?  
It's WAAAAY taller than the previously "tallest" structure in the world.  
It's just double the height of the Manhattan-style skyline stretching out all around it.  
It's bathed in diaphanous ephemeral luminosity and whatnot, too --
Quite elegant, quite outlandish.  
I suppose the photos don't quite capture it either...   

Got to the hotel all jet-lagged --
Drew this page & tumbled into bed --
First night at Sharjah.  

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