The Duel
The Morning sky is red Leaving the Sea in Dread, The waves collide The rocks subside Life will be taken. On the sandy shore A challenge that would abhor The very Fates themselves Blades removed from shelves For the morning Duel. Injury be struck and foul From the man in sable cowl Toward the man in grey Each ten paces away One's greatcoat will be stained. Rappers at ready, judges aback No return from wicked track, They bow with contempt To Death may one be sent Steel clashes, sparks leap. Clanging of steel, shifting of sand The cloaked man, cut is his hand The man in grey has dodged away Upon bloodied cheek, his hand lay The strikes take their toll. Back and forth, the two foiled, Both equal in their toil, Sweat on brow, heat of effort Grey strikes, his aim perfect Yet steel runs him through. Wounded, the two foes fall Face to face, Death to all One last strike across the face Both with hands for noble sake, The Sea erodes blood and flesh.