A DUET for Lana Del Rey
No I'm not jealous of Star Boy hanging out with Lana on the Hollywood H ~ I just want to remind Lana that Dirt is True and Poor is Honest in much the same way as a Monsanto Seed is Sophisticated but also Soulless & Evil. You know what I mean? 

Yes it's true my peculiar verse here is just awful Hick noise but how will you ever know just how awful it is unless you experience it ... 

AWESOME LANA   ( a Video Song Demo )

Besides, the song is also a Russian Doll 👩🏼 so whether you like it or not you will feel good you gifted it $1 as a Piss Poor Patron or possibly even $2 as a Patriotic Patron ~ I mean,

Get REAL People! 

Alternatively, simply 👣 away now and pretend it isn't happening‼️