Duet WebVR -- Expanding Sense Of Self
You can view the demo here 

The main ideas of this demo:

This demo ties the movement of your arms and head to the scale of corresponding body parts of a virtual dancer's body. As you move, your left arm, the dancer's left arm grows/shrinks, etc. 

The part of the brain that can predict and direct one’s own body is called in literature a “minimal-self” and is known to be very plastic. What happens when we correlate our movements to the appearance and movement of a virtual body? How can we remap our expectations? As motion capture and immersive technology become more affordable and widespread, how will we adapt to  new representations of body? 

Special thanks to  Kinetech Arts for supplying equipment & help on this project. Definitely check them out, they're doing some amazing stuff!

Technical Stuff:

This demo was designed for the vive or rift + motion controllers, but it is viewable on the platform of your choice by following the guide here: https://webvr.info 

After following the steps and installing/navigating to a supported browser, navigate to this url and click the icon on the bottom of the WebVR window that looks like goggles to enter VR mode. 

This is a WebVR project, which means that it can be experienced simply by navigating to it's url in a WebVR enabled browser (Firefox works out of the box now). 

A-Frame is a framework that makes creating VR experiences on the web really easy and fun, even if you don't know how to code. A-Frame School is a good introduction. 

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