dumb asses
across the street from my house, a teenage girl is sitting in her car while her teen boyfriend stands on the sidewalk & yells out obscenities at her for at least 30 minutes.a normal person would have just driven away but she just sits there with the window down. he puts his hand inside the car & hits her.she yells, he yells. she sits there. i see my neighbor calling the cops. for some reason,she lets him in the car. they are hitting each other, wrestling, yelling. he gets out of the car. she stays there crying. he is pacing the sidewalk still cursing.5 more minutes, he gets back in the car. more hitting, more screaming, he gets out again. he is still yelling, she is still just sitting there. he walks away & 5 minutes after that finally drives away. if I had been wearing clothes, i would have gone down there to talk to her,but I didn't. she was a moron & deserved what happened. i'm sure she'll go to her parents or the police & play the victim blahblahblah.