Dumplings: best family food EVER
Have you ever tasted dumplings in any Chinese restaurant? Do you like it? 

I  tried some Chinese restaurants outside of China. I was disappointed that many of their dishes were not taste as authentic as I expected. I know they adjusted the recipe to fit the local's taste. But the only food that have not disappointed me, yet, is dumpling.

Dumplings have more than 1,800 years of history in China so far.  Now it developed into several different versions in China, for example, the shrimp dumplings in Guangdong, fried dumplings in Shanghai, streamed crab dumplings in Yangzhou, etc. I have tried all of them, lucky me :D

As you may know the most important day for ALL Chinese will come on 27th Jan, the Chinese lunar new year. In north China, like my hometown, we always always have dumpling in this festival. The reason we choose dumpling is because that dumling in Chinese is 饺子 ( jiǎo zi ), the  pronunciation sounds like 交子(jiāo zǐ) which means the change of year. So perfect food for a new year celebration!

Chinese lunar new year is also a family reunion accasion. So dumpling is far more than just a food. And making dumplings together is the most important activity for many families, like my family. I have been always working away from my hometown, only visited my parents once a year, in the lunar new year. Now when I am looking back, making dumplings with my parents is the best memmory of China. 

Days ago when I was calling my parents, they said they are going to make the same dumplings since many years ago. It is my favorite taste, leek and pork. They also reminded me to make some dumplings for myself or eat out in a Chinese restaurant. I said yes. But I know the best taste is the dumplings made with mom and dad, nothing else can compete with that. 

Mom and dad, I love you.