I want to say my first patrons - Thank You. And specially for these people I prepared new artwork. Dungeon. One more - Just for fun I putting into body of artwork dedication for one of my patrons.

My dear patrons will get:

  • Original HD version (6000x3000 px)
  • Process Steps
  • PSD with correct names & grouped layers

Note: Thank You people. You make my day. By the way. We reached first milestone. Chevrolet! Of course it was Chevrolet. In pixel-art. But I also prepared for you surprise. This month I create a pixel-art scene where I place all of you. First heroes of this scene of course will be first patrons. And we start to make our little

pixel-art journey.

Note: This people who select "Rusty Lover + PIXELED!" recieve not one pixel-art. This month you gain two unique pixel-art instead one. I want noticed that this is one time offer.

Thanks Patrons, and Thanks Patreon!