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The Dungeon of Strife
“As above, so below” the old Astrologers used to say. And if that’s so, surely the converse is true. And thus the Order of Practical Astrologers: they see the conjunctions beginning, and they do not like what they see. Established above the deepest dungeon in the region, their foundation sends the brave and the desperate to realize their schemes in the dungeon so that the stars may likewise be nudged on their paths. And of course the deepest adventures are required to move the highest stars. “We delve to make the stars dance.” High-res download: PDF version: --- The last few months have been very challenging, and so I’m christening this The Dungeon of Strife. It’s a companion to The Dungeon of Life, which was one of the first big maps I completed and sold. The Dungeon of Strife is basically optimistic, but it’s still a reminder that sometimes things go wrong–more wrong and wrong for longer than you ever planned, and that you can’t always do anything about it. I hope you enjoy it.
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