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!!!! OUTDATED !!!! Dungeondraft Integration - Complete Library (Updated August 28th 2021)

! These packs are now Outdated !



Hello everyone!  

This integration is made for and requires Dungeondraft – Standalone mapmaking software.

This integration aims to completely replace the default Artstyle of Dungeondraft with our own. These files are prepackaged to be used only for Dungeondraft software, you can load them in and they are ready to go!  

How to load the packs into Dungeondraft:

1. Download the packs, place them in your "Custom Assets" Folder together.
2. Open Dungeondraft.
3. Click on the Diamond on top.
4. Select your "Custom Assets" folder -same folder where you have placed your packs.
5. "Activate" all the packs by clicking on the tick box in front of each one.

This post will serve as a repository of our Dungeondraft Packs, and will be periodically updated with new content as we release it, you'll get a notification email when this post gets updated!

All  our Dungeondraft packs combined contain: 

  • 14 000+ Objects - All categorized with Tags
  • 1 000+  Colorable Objects
  • 200+ terrain textures, floors & patterns
  • 35+ walls 
  • 70+ "paths" (cliffs, stairs, River Banks,  etc.) 

+ updated with new content each month.  

All these packs are Patreon Only ( any Tier ).
You can download the "Starter Pack" for Free that contains a little bit of everything. So Non-Patreons can test it out first if they would like :)

We have a "Dungeondraft-Feedback" channel on Discord, if you find any bugs/have issues with the packs or have some suggestions for changes, please let us know!

Total # of packs is 14! - Including the 'Legacy' pack -  make sure you download and activate all of them to get all the assets!
Packs have A, B, etc. designations because we have a 200mb file limit on Patreon, so we need more than just one for all the assets. Once a pack fills up to 200mb there will be B, C and so on.

-------- Download Links - PATREON ONLY --------

Artificial_A_v2.08 (updated June 3rd 2021) 

Artificial_B_v2.08 (updated July 7th 2021)

All the artificial decor objects, walls, doors, paths, stairs etc.


 Artificial_Floors_A_v2.03 (updated April 1st 2021)

All the floor textures like wooden flooring, stone tiles etc. in both "Floor" and "Pattern" Tools


Artificial_Roofs_A_v2.02 (updated February 2nd 2021)

Roof Tool & Roof Addons (Chimneys, Windows, etc.) objects.

Artificial_Terrains_A_v2.03  (updated April 1st 2021)

Floor textures but in "Terrains" for blending with natural terrains.


 Artificial_Tiles_A_v2.03 (updated June 3rd 2021)

Wall, Fences, Premade Tiles like Catacombs & Dungeons in Object format.



Shadows, Lights, Colorable Grunge Objects, Environmental Overlays (falling snow), Grid Overlays etc.


Legacy_v2.02 (updated 01.04.2021)

The ‘Legacy’ pack contains all the assets that we deem no longer match our current art style and are in need of being remade. However, they do not yet have replacements so they are still available here for DD. They have been put in this separate pack so we don't have to delete files from the main packs (as that could break old or in-progress maps in the future) when they eventually get replaced with new artwork.

This pack contains assets such as -  all the Graveyard assets, Kitchenware, Wells etc.

Natural_A_v2.04 (updated February 2nd 2021)

Natural_B_v2.01    (updated August 28th 2021)

All the natural cliff paths, decor, plants, trees, stumps, rocks etc. 



Natural textures in "Pattern" format/tool


Natural_Terrains_A_v2.03 (updated April 19th 2021)

All the natural textures in "Terrains" with blending



Cliffs, River banks, Cave tiles etc. in Object tiles format


Winter stuffs separated simply because it's a bit too specific biome and you usually don't need anything winter related unless you are specifically working on a winter map.

Total # of packs is 14! - Including the ‘Legacy’ pack-  make sure you download and activate all of them to get all the assets!
Cheers!  Hope you'll have some fun with these packs ^_^


Q: I can't find X asset. Was it removed?
A: Make sure you've downloaded and activated all the packs, including Legacy_v2.0 - this pack contains all the assets that are considered outdated art-style wise by todays FA standards and don't have a direct replacement yet.

For example: Graveyard & Castle assets etc.

Q: Why do the Packs take forever to load?!
A: First load takes a while because Dungeondraft is generating the thumbnails for all assets, sub sequential loads should only take couple of seconds.

Q: Dungeondraft crashes when I try to load FA assets, why?
A: First load can be quite intensive because DD is creating thumbnails for all the assets - which is in thousands if you have all the packs activated at once and there is a memory leak so if you run out of RAM during the process, it crashes DD.  Try doing the first load in batches instead, 3-5 packs at a time, then you can restart DD and load all at once.

Q: Why can't I see any new terrains?
A: Make sure you've downloaded and activated all the packs, then check the terrains section, click the 3x3grid icon and scroll down.

Q: How do I disable the default assets?
A: Unfortunately, that's not possible as of now.

Q:  Why there are no custom cave walls?
A: Cave tool cant be customized unfortunately, we have a cave tile set that you can use instead in the Natural_Tiles_A pack tho!

Q: Why there are no Materials?
A: Materials in Dungeondraft in the current state don't work well with our artstyle, as the edges are too blocky and distort the textures too much. We will revisit and add materials once there is a bit more control over them.

Q: You just released a new pack, but it's not available in Dungeondraft why?!
A: Because it just came out and we didn't have a chance to convert it yet. It'll be integrated once we are done with the conversion.

Q: There is no X Asset, Will you add X asset? If so, When?
A: If it's Fantasy/Medieval related, probably yes.  No idea when, when we feel like drawing it.

Q: Upcoming updates schedule?
A:We usually don't plan too much into the future. We decide on what we are working on on month-to-month bases, but we have a Trello "Roadmap"  what we try to keep up to date.

Q: With the updates, do I just replace the current files?
A: Yes, delete the old version of the pack and replace it with the new version.

Q: Do I also need the "Starter Pack" in addition to the Integration Packs?
A: No, Starter Pack just contains couple of pieces from the main packs as example, if you have the integration, you can delete the Starter Pack.


August 28th 2021


- Added Wilderness Pack 5 and Wilderness Pack 6  

July 31st 2021


- Added Wilderness Pack 4

July 7th 2021


- Added Dungeon Decor Pack 9

June 23rd 2021

Heyo dungeondraft peoples, slight change of plans regarding 3.0    

Since we don't really have a timeline for 3.0 and don't want to rush it and make unnecessary mistakes... but at the same time dont want to keep you waiting without new content for too long.

So we'll continue to add new content to 2.0 for now - Adding new stuff is not gonna break anything, but all the stuff from the rework update will have to wait till 3.0


- Added  Dungeon Decor Pack 8
- Added Table Clutter Pack 7

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