Dungeons Module in the Works
Hi guys! I'm working on the most ambitious and biggest module yet - custom dungeons!

Here's how it works:

Cyan Wool Rooms will be a random room.

Yellow Wool will be random loot/hallway decor.

Red Wool will be a 75% chance of a wall being placed there - so each dungeon layout is different.

The layout is mostly the same, but I'm hoping to get a diverse and unique experience everytime the player enters a new dungeon. I will keep updating the module until I achieve this goal.

The maximum dungeon size is 63x31x63 and the minimum dungeon size is 15x6x15.

I will release one video per theme. So one video will be about "Snowy Dungeons", another will be about "Jungle Dungeons" and so forth. Each theme will include 5-15 dungeons. This way, you won't get charged for every single dungeon. Instead, you'll be charged for lots of dungeons at a time. I hope this makes sense! =D

Anyway, I'm working on a few other projects as well so bare with me if this takes a while! This is why you are no longer donating on a monthly basis =)

Cheers guys! You're all awesome!