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So. I don't have a working printer, or a working scanner, at the moment. Which means that this was printed on crappy internet cafe paper and scanned with my phone, so my apologies for the fact that it looks even more zine-y than normal.


This game has a micro OSR system on the left hand side of the page, drawing heavily from Into the Odd (cracking system, that). On the right side of the page, there's rules for crowd-sourcing a dungeon by scrawling (geddit?) rooms on bits of card and shuffling them up. 

Put them together, and you should be able to go on a cool dungeon crawl with zero prep on the GM's part! (They can draw cards too, if they like.) Remember: this is OSR, so it's definitely not going to be balanced even a little. Play it safe and try not to get into a fight unless the odds are in your favour.

I figured that the best way to fit the slightly random nature of any group-created dungeon was to set it in the lands of the fey, which gives us a license for everything to be slightly weird and off-kilter. I don't know whether that's the Briar Prince on the far right - I imagine the man himself is a bit fancier and even less human. It might be one of his many boyfriends instead.


This marks the halfway point on 2019, which means that patrons who've backed at the $15 level will receive a bundle of games in the post soon - Beautiful Space Pirates, This Is Not A Place Of Honour, and Dungeonscrawl. As I mentioned, I don't have a working printer at present, so please bear with me for a week or two while I sort that out.

- Grant

P.S. I'm gonna be at Gencon! Will you? Come say hi if you're there! I have no idea how we'll arrange to meet because I've never done Gencon before, but I'm sure we can work something out. Probably.

EDIT 05/07/19: Updated the PDF so the advantage/disadvantage rules work properly.

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