Duo Character Suggestions Event

Giving you guys a early head start. Possible Event Theme: Duo characters battling out or girl on girl action.

We are collecting suggestions for two characters you would like to see in action for a fun fanart creation. Example:  Hermoine/Luna or Ranma/Shampoo. Original characters welcome too. Post your suggestions down below we'll sample some of the request  to make a vote list. That winner will be created. One suggestion per person please. Good luck guys, slots are limited so make those suggestions good :)

Thanks for all your support. You help make these fun events possible I'll be finishing up a skyrim fanart sketch tonight to send to a special someone.

Fan does not claim to own, or to have invented, any copyrighted character. Transformative art and fun parody themes. Reference above(c) Pokemon, Ranma1/2, Harry Potter, Pokemon.