Duo Nekopara! ♥ + Announcement (Patreon, I hate you)
I have new for you guys.

As you know, Patreon enabled Upfront Payments on my account. As much as I don't want them, I have to adapt:

I will try this month to do an amount of work equal to two month's rewards.

I can't promise it's going to be perfect, or as good as the previous month. But there will be January content available in january. Which means if you keep your pledge up until the 1st January, or even pledge anytime in January,  you will get December AND January rewards.

This kinda fucks me since it's basially making a 50% discount, but as I want to be able to advertise January content in January, and people expect the rewards immediatly, I need to do this.

If this is a bad news for me, this is a good one for you guys!

Same pledge, double the fun!

There will be a maxi pack available on the 1st January, I'm doing my best this week end to shoot already, and I hope you guys will appreciate it.

Thank you everyone for staying with me during this hard time, and fuck you Patreon team.

~ ♥