DUST COVERS for Game Consoles - Protect your Investment!
Metal Jesus tries three different manufacturers of video game console dust covers and shares the results. All of them are completely different from the other and some are better than others!

1) The Pat Rat Shack on Etsy.com - Canvas with logos (https://www.etsy.com/shop/pkrah)

2) papa*nannysfunstuff on eBay - black pleather with white embroidery


3) http://www.DigitalDeckCovers.com - generic but also supports audio stereo equipment

DISCLAIMER: This video was NOT sponsored in any way and the review and opinions are all mine.

BEHIND THE SCENES: I like doing these Game Room How-To videos... although I am far from an expert. But it's fun to find my way through all this stuff when it comes to collecting and then sharing my ideas and solutions.  Now if I could just make more ROOM on my PS2 shelves for the stack of games I picked up a few months ago!!  #FirstWorldProblems ;)