DuStroke: Tapered (and more) stroke preset for After Effects

I've shared with you recently a first test of a preset for After Effects to easily create tapered strokes...

I have finished a first version of this and added a lot of options!

All of these are Bezier Shapes, and everything is 100% parametric and animatable, and 100% made with text layers without any plugin.

The preset (CS6+) is attached to this post, so you can test it and use it before I release it freely to the rest of the world in a few days!
The preset comes along with an After Effects (v16) project with some examples.


- There are issues when I switch the shape, in the stroke options.

Change the font of the text layer to make it work better. Times New Roman is the recommended font on Windows for the preset to work properly.

- The stroke disappears when changing the shape/the shape count.

Unfortunately, there is a strange limitation in After Effects for the count of characters in the same line of text in a text layer. Reduce the count to fix the issue (the Quantity property below the Shape selection in the screenshot below).

I hope you'll like this and find it useful!

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