Dutch Government Condemns White Helmets Entourage

Mayday Resuce is based in the Netherlands - it was created as an alleged NGO by former MI6 agent, James Le Mesurier to funnel finances from the UK FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) to the White Helmets and by proxy to Al Qaeda & associates in Syria. 

The Dutch Government has now, finally, recognised this fact and has condemned the White Helmets, the Free Syrian Police and Mayday Rescue for potentially enabling the terrorism that has destroyed Syria and massacred her people for the last seven years.

Meanwhile the UK Govt has admitted WhiteHelmets onto UK soil and is refusing to disclose their whereabouts or details of their "resettlement". I have to ask - how much longer do we allow such criminal activity to be conducted in our name?

Now there is real potential to damage the UK FCO regime change effort in Syria - please capitalise upon this victory for truth and anti-imperialism.

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