Matt's cuckolding happens sooner than he thought as Victoria decides to fuck her bull in the car.

Cuckold Stories

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Current Total Stories: 800+

Each month I'll publish 20-30 cuckold stories (typically 2,000 to 5,000 words each). There will be multi-part stories, themed collections, and one-offs. Previous months have included:

  • Creampie Cleanup Month - 12 Stories, 1 Month

  • A Cuckold Christmas - A 12 Part Story

  • A Cuckold Vacation - A 6 Part Story

  • The Training of a Cuckold Cum Slut - A Multi-Part Story

  • Lots of Naughty Short Cuckold Stories

  • And Much More!

To see all the story posts, visit the link below (only Patrons can read the stories): Plus, you receive access to all previous rewards.

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