Dwarf Fortress 0.42.03 Released
Here's another release which cleans up various outstanding issues.


Major bug fixes

(*) Fixed world generation crash from wandering artist writing a book

(*) Fixed crash from retiring locations in certain circumstances

(*) Fixed crash associated to adventurer sleeping in inn rooms

(*) Fixed issue with militia not picking up armor

(*) Fixed error causing some instruments in chests to not be played

(*) Fixed error causing instruments and drink service to fail in dining rooms

(*) Fixed error causing scribes not to use some blank writing materials

(*) Fixed error causing overall scribe operation to be stalled by a bad target codex

(*) Made training marksdwarves want both combat and training ammunition and fetch stacks appropriately (thanks to ag for analyzing this one)

(*) Fixed issue with starting instrument causing it to duplicate

(*) Fixed one way for horses to become playable (not sure about dogs/donkeys)

(*) Stopped dead/caged commanders from stopping invaders from moving (thanks to vjek for preparing a very useful and funny save)

(*) Stopped cats from dying of alcohol poisoning after walking over damp tavern floors and cleaning themselves (reduced effect)

(*) Put new caps in place on animals in towns during world generation

(*) Stopped bookbinders and string makers from trying to use loose spider webs (thanks to Knight Otu for reminded me about raw tag)

Other bug fixes/tweaks

(*) Made the add new task list remember where it was again

(*) Tweaked how distance is calculated for certain jobs

(*) Stopped certain ramp/channel digging jobs from temporarily disturbing pathing and distance calculations (thanks to Loci for reproducible procedure)

(*) Made edible seed-type growths gatherable

(*) Stopped wander history spam for adventurer

(*) Stopped nobles from other civilizations from making mandates and demands

(*) Stopped weapon slayer list from giving away fort vampires

(*) Handled some basic shaped conflicts with clothing vs. armor

(*) Changed how owned objects are managed with clothing -- might be some trinket drops in old saves

(*) Allowed goblets on embark

(*) Made modded wood furnace reactions list properly

(*) Fixed typo with untitled written content

(*) Fixed typo in haunting conversation

(*) Fixed several typos in personality/value strings

(*) Fixed instrument values in old saves