Dwarf Fortress 0.42.05 Released

Here's another one! We're still going to be working through adventure reputation/quest/etc. improvements, so consider this a first stage. Other highlights are the fortress mode sparring and mug-carrying fixes. Enjoy your zombies.

New stuff

(*) New hearth orders for killing beasts and fighting outlaws

(*) Added a hunter reputation and cleaned up reputation system around beast-slaying

(*) Made citizens understand their relationship to bandits and added reputation for protecting people from them

(*) A few lizards

Major bug fixes

(*) Made drunken dwarves spar properly again

(*) Stopped dwarves from carrying mugs forever

(*) Stopped adv goblin performance troupes from attacking strangers while traveling

(*) Stopped reanimated corpses from being stuck on wrong side of conflicts

(*) Gave underground populations zone assignments to stop them from erupting outward

(*) Fixed inconsistent underground vegetation generation (which caused underground site maps to generate inconsistently)

(*) Fixed various city vegetation clearing routines which were causing holes in the ground above sewers and catacombs

Other bug fixes/tweaks

(*) Zombies no longer dodge, parry, block, wrestle or run, and they do charging attacks whenever possible

(*) Zombies don't get defense adjustments for body part type and they don't find or stop combat opportunities

(*) Reduced zombie strength bonus (old saves will still be strong)

(*) Made severing all non-smashed heads put down a zombie (can be reanimated if has working grasp, smashing heads already worked)

(*) Made severing/smashing any working grasp put down a headless zombie (can be reanimated if has another working grasp)

(*) Neck gets same combat chance adjustment as head

(*) Made bandits that run off cancel town harassment goals

(*) Bandits camps don't immediately send new armies to re-harass towns

(*) Stopped camp bandits from being placed in trees so often

(*) Allowed save/load in arena

(*) Made creature object load bar page properly

(*) Labeled xml encoding as cp437 instead of utf-8

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