Dwarf Fortress 0.43.03 Released

Here are some more bug fixes.

Major bug fixes

(*) Made customized magma forge jobs use metal instead of making things out of coal

(*) Adjusted conflict code to stop taverngoers from joining siegers over petty grievances

(*) Fixed material overcount in adv site work menu

Other bug fixes/tweaks

(*) Made pain from broken tissues depend on relative part size

(*) Made embark profiles load fish properly

(*) Made assigning an animal to a restraint remove it from pasture assignments properly

(*) Made pasturing jobs respect connectivity in creation and in seeing if they should continue

(*) Made dwarves remove animals assigned to pastures from cages/chains that are in the pasture

(*) Fixed display error causing creature to be described as gigantic too often

(*) Allowed metal mechanisms to be made from the job manager

(*) Made dragonfire affect metal items and generally amplified fire effects a bit

(*) Stopped veins in large mineral clusters from being improperly restricted

(*) Stopped placement issue with minerals that had more than one specific environment

(*) Stopped woodcutters from using axes without edges (like training axes)

(*) Allowed soil critters to live in wider temperature ranges

(*) Fixed problem with temperature checks on certain wilderness populations

(*) Made construct mechanisms job show material

(*) Made mountain travel restriction not affect other actions

(*) Allowed adventure mode divers to move through deep water properly

(*) Made placing items on tables remove item from your inventory properly

(*) Made improvement reactions increase and apply skill properly

(*) Reported site of adventurer masterpieces correctly

(*) Stopped manually-set low frame rate cap from being stuck